Frustration, mistrust and uncertainty have been expressed to us by executives describing their relationships with their marketing suppliers. Branding or sales promotion…? Advertising or public relations…? Brochures or the Internet…? Packaging or displays…? Where should the money be spent? What assurances exist? Who can I trust?

KCG fills this void. In this highly impersonal, downsized and computerized world, we believe that smart, apolitical, candid people who actually care about a client's product or service (and not just its revenue stream) can provide a very meaningful service to clients. Based on recent client feedback, KCG has truly touched a nerve.

We have been asked to address a variety of marketing and marketing communications problems, across a host of industries, for both public and private companies. We have been hired on a project or on-going basis under one of three scenarios: Regardless of the manner in which we were hired, the work was good and we all had some fun along the way. A leading retail trade magazine was nice enough to say:

"Another key move (to explode the brand) was to tap the services of the Kullberg Consulting Group, a marketing consulting firm who has helped the company make the most of its new brand."

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