"Outsourcing has emerged as a powerful tool for corporations by building alliances and partnerships and creating the networked virtual organization of tomorrow ...
- ... it brings a broader perspective because it can draw on its expertise with a variety of organizations and industries." CEO BRIEF
"Ironically, at a time when the demand for stellar marketing communications talent has never been greater, it has never seemed scarcer ...
- ... agencies are looking for the next generation of talent and they're not there." AD WEEK
"All communications efforts must row one's business in the same direction, or they might be working against each other ...
- ... not as distant trades unto themselves, but as one, all to be brought to bear toward one end." SUPERBRANDS
"Agencies are dysfunctional. They don't listen or respond to their clients ...
- ... they charge for their services in a manner that skews toward solving client problems with a television commercial." AD WEEK
"Agencies face new battlegrounds. In the fight for clients, watch consultants, boutiques ...
- ... for client companies, anxious to become more flexible and creative, but equally fearful of change, the steady hand of an established consultancy could be very desirable indeed." ADVERTISING AGE
"Competition from smaller, nimbler shops, as well as alternative sources of advice like consultants, has taken its toll on conventional big agencies ...
- ... advertisers search outside the traditional realm for answers." NEW YORK TIMES
"As start-ups pour money into campaigns, people question what venture capitalists know about marketing ...
- ... understanding how to effectively spend marketing money is key." ADVERTISING AGE

Since our founding, over $44 billion in advertising alone has changed hands, including the largest account shifts in history. Why would this surprise anyone, anymore? Ultimately, the issues are professionalism, value, and most importantly ... trust.

Awhile ago, one of our clients sent us a plaque and a letter which read in part:
"Congratulations on developing the best advertisement in the industry."
And, recently, from four other clients:
"I think that we are off to a great start with our business positioning, logo and theme. I look forward to an on-going relationship."

"Mr. Kullberg was the driving and pivotal force behind the campaign. Without his input, suggestions, talent and plain hard work, there would not have been so successful a campaign."

"I am very grateful to you for the excellent job you did in preparing and presenting your standing room only workshop at our National Convention."

"Truly, it has been a remarkable three years of advertising and we appreciate all that you have done to make it go so well."

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