Senior Marketing Executives At Your Service
KCG consists of a unique strategic alliance of 60 senior level marketing executives who own their own companies. They possess enormous breadth and depth of experience, across almost every industry and product line. Your work is done by these executives, not inexperienced juniors.

A Wealth of Affordable Expertise
You can tap into one or more of KCG's disciplines, without incurring the huge overhead required to keep these seasoned professionals "on staff". And KCG is a fee-based company, with no vested interest in how much or in which discipline you spend your marketing budget. Rather, we strive to provide the ideal marketing solution, increasing your chance of success.

The Right Solution, Every Time
KCG professionals acknowledge a whole host of solutions to a marketing problem, which may go beyond their individual areas of expertise. One discipline does not have to be "sold" at the expense of the correct solution. Candor flourishes within KCG, and with our clients.

Do these sound familiar?

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