Our charges are reasonable and expand or contract per assignment. At the core of the KCG system is a fee-based structure, utilizing the individual rates of the specific KCG members best suited to accomplish the marketing objective at hand.

KCG has a unique structure. All of the members of KCG maintain their own independent businesses. Each member is strategically affiliated with the Group and is, in effect, a specialist in his or her own particular discipline.

In this way, each client gets exactly what and who is needed, without paying the huge overhead which would be required to keep this variety of seasoned professionals on staff.

Because we are not a traditional communications agency, we have no vested interest in having our clients "spend" on any particular discipline. For example, all media, production, research, out-of-pocket expenses, travel, etc. are billed to our clients at net cost, without traditional agency mark-ups of 15% or 17.65%.

We insist that our clients pay directly any costs for media, production, market research, etc. This eliminates questions about who gets the "float", and clients don't pay us to maintain a large accounting staff.

When you hire KCG, you don't pay for large company overhead, branch offices, or back office support teams. What you do pay for with KCG is:
  • A group of well-respected and experienced professionals who are able to quickly understand your company and your needs;
  • Advice and solutions from professionals who have been in the trenches and who understand what works and what doesn't;
  • A group of entrepreneurs who not only provide solutions, and respect the importance of timeliness, cost effectiveness and budgets.
At KCG, you are considered our partner, not a cash cow. You'll get straight talk and straight answers.

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