Why Promote A Marketing Milestone?

Reaching a company or brand anniversary - be it ten years or one hundred years - is a testimonial to an organization: its employees, management, research and development, sales and marketing, manufacturing, quality, service, distribution and financial stewardship. In these uncertain times, historical growth and staying power can be an important message about your future to key constituent groups.

Bonds, both emotional and practical, can be created with your employees, management, suppliers, existing and potential customers (especially newer ones who may be unaware of your past accomplishments), financial institutions and, in some cases, even legislators.

Your past, properly managed and promoted, can set the stage for the future. Use Marketing Milestone to:
  • Re-articulate your company's brand
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Generate new customers
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Roll out new marketing initiatives
  • Introduce new products and services
  • Develop brand advocates with motivated and inspired employees
  • Unite internal audiences, including marketing and sales
  • Enhance the image of the CEO
  • Create excitement with every group the company touches
Opportunities abound to create a meaningful platform to help launch future success. A proud past can help ensure a successful future.

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