How to Develop A Marketing Milestone Program

Which opportunities should you seize? What are your major marketing concerns? How can you use this milestone occasion to address these concerns?

The Kullberg Consulting Group (KCG) will work with you to answer these questions and implement the right solutions. KCG will start by learning about your company, its history and its current issues and challenges. With an independent and unbiased eye, candor will flourish.

We will first conduct research to evaluate the needs and personality of your organization and determine how marketing your milestone will contribute to your continued success. A fully integrated, personalized menu of events, efforts and activities will be designed with specific recommendations for action. We will work with you to choose the elements of your program, then implement this program.

The celebration of an anniversary, or other milestone, is best viewed as a long-term project. Begin planning six to twelve months prior to the anniversary. To implement a Marketing Milestone program for your company, you may choose to integrate multiple tools:

  • Management audits
  • Baseline market research
  • Strategic plan development
  • Budget development
  • Product or service introductions

  • Marketing Milestone logo and graphic standards
  • Theming
  • Specific web page design and management
  • Book, booklets, CD's and/or tapes

  • Internal communications plan and implementation
  • Integration of sales/marketing/HR celebratory efforts
  • Creation of CEO messages and speeches
  • CEO tour of operations
  • Activities to enhance image of CEO
  • Preparation of board presentations

  • Development of yearlong public relations effort
  • Management of media relations
  • Preparation of media materials
  • Identification of community relations for sources of partnership and charity
  • Speeches, non-profit board memberships, affiliations
  • Development of national, regional or local sports sponsorships

  • Creation of advertising
  • Creation of direct mail and direct response
  • Creation of selling materials presentations
  • Media planning and buying

  • Creation of packaging
  • Creation of point-of-purchase materials
  • Creation of trade show strategies and exhibits
  • Creation of event specific gifts and advertising specialties

  • Creation of yearlong calendar of events
  • Development and management of specific events
  • Local concerts for fans
  • Creation of multiple-city events
  • Corporate outings
  • Major anniversary dinner/entertainment

  • Post research to demonstrate ROI
  • Marketing communications campaign to targets

    Even if you have already planned for some of these elements, feel free to "cherry pick" any of our services to meet your objectives.

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