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  • To provide marketing counsel on a specific problem
    • Helping a Top 15 financial services company evaluate the importance of branding, how to go about doing it, and how to develop budgets for the task;
    • Conducting a host of market research assignments, ranging from the education and bridal markets to various hard-nosed business-to-business markets across industries and countries;
    • Repositioning two worldwide professional services companies during rapid expansion
    • Developing a new product and a new product category for a leading home furnishings manufacturer. And, subsequently, for this same client, analyzing another category and recommending against developing new products;
    • Guiding not-for-profit associations, industrial manufacturers and service providers on the process of developing their own unique brand positions;
    • Answering numerous requests to conduct marketing and/or marketing communications audits before, during or after re-engineering;
    • Working with venture capitalists to evaluate and/or redirect the marketing of their existing or potential properties
  • To create, produce and integrate a variety of marketing communications solutions to an existing marketing strategy
  • To provide all of the marketing and/or communications disciplines, fully integrated, on a day-in, day-out basis by becoming the outsourced:

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