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November, 2005


The College of Nursing at the University of Rhode focused its 60th anniversary celebration on the future and on the contributions the college continues to make to healthcare in Rhode Island and elsewhere.

According to Ken Owens, president of Owens Marketing Group and chair of the yearlong anniversary effort, "The strategy, developed more than a year in advance, was to demonstrate the College is both relevant and prepared for its continuing leadership role in nursing because of its history and the vision of its leadership."

The college also used the anniversary year to increase its profile with its constituency, and reach an entirely new audience, according to the college dean, Dayle Joseph.

Through public relations, advertising, internet, promotional materials, and numerous marketing events, and with a tip of its hat to its memorable past, the college stated clearly that it is well positioned to tackle the considerable challenges ahead in nursing education.

Logo and Theme
Planning took over a year. Joseph and Owens introduced the important anniversary logo and theme, at a special event.

"Preparing Nursing Leaders for 60 years," provided an identity for the college, a shorthand to tell the college's story, and unified all the year's activities.

The college promoted the anniversary, beginning even before the official kickoff.

Owens said, "Dean Joseph used every spoken and written opportunity to highlight the college's anniversary and accomplishments and vision for the future. Her personal outreach was extraordinary and included media appearances and meetings with the administration of many of the state's hospitals."

The Office of University Advancement and the university's Alumni Association enthusiastically supported the College's efforts.

Communications included an on-line chat by the dean, her appearance on TV to discuss the critical shortage of nurses, a "coffee cup salute" on local TV, and a televised story about the college.

A TV spot featured the college. News coverage promoted all anniversary events, research grants and programs in commercial media and university print and e-mail publications and on the Alumni Association website.

Alumni of the College returned for a daylong program that highlighted changes since their days at the college and encouraged their continued participation.

These new efforts increased the breadth and depth of its fundraising.

During this milestone celebration, the college raised nearly $250,000. According to Dean Joseph, this is more than twice any previous single effort, and created the internal organization needed to undertake continuing fundraising.

Too Marvelous For Words!
The culmination was a gala celebration, Too Marvelous for Words!, attended by nearly 350 people, the RI Governor and first lady, a US Senator, the university president, corporate sponsors, alumni and both old and new "Friends" of the college.

"Ken Owens has been the backbone of the entire anniversary year program, and especially the gala," commented Dean Joseph. "He deserves all the credit for putting together a marvelous evening."

Dean Joseph said, "We accept the challenges, highlighted in this anniversary year, to continue to harness the support necessary to prepare tomorrow's nursing leaders."

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