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April, 2006


BroadReach Partners, which helps companies maximize their sales pipelines, through its proprietary prospecting and business development process and hands-on staff of senior sales professionals, has entered into a strategic alliance with the Kullberg Consulting Group (KCG), which, itself, is a strategic alliance of sixty companies representing all disciplines of marketing and marketing communications.

Improved Marketing and Sales ROI
This alliance provides KCG the ability to offer its clients the uniquely qualified sales pipeline development services of BroadReach Partners, thereby improving the ability to increase and measure the ROI of marketing and marketing communications programs developed by KCG.

Similarly, the alliance provides BroadReach Partners the ability to augment its clients' marketing, market research and marketing communications programs, before or during its long-term client engagements to build a sustained sales pipeline.

A Win, Win
Marketing and Sales Departments often do not work in close coordination and, in today's environment, where many people are involved in the purchase decision process, working in concert is a critical need," said Gary Kullberg, Chief Executive Officer of KCG. "The Marketing Department wonders what happened to the sales leads it generated, while the Sales Department wants less focus on introductory sales leads and more focus on well-qualified sales opportunities," he continued. "Our alliance integrates two outsourced, senior level, professional teams--one sales and one marketing--for a coordinated go-to-market approach that substantially improves ROI from the new business revenue generated," he concluded.

This exclusive association between BroadReach and KCG also provides clients with significant flexibility, as the various services can be individually picked, "cafeteria-style". And, no service has to be included, as the client chooses only what is needed. Further, because it is a strategic alliance, and not a partnership, clients are not paying for the staggering overhead of this wide range of professionals, even if they could be found under one roof.

"Since our founding in 1993, our mission has been to fill our clients' sales pipelines with highly targeted, strategic sales opportunities, using our unique process of marketplace identification, initial senior level sales contact, and relationship-oriented ongoing sales development process," said Phil Arturi, Managing Director of BroadReach Partners. "Often, however, Fortune 1000 firms are not able to effectively integrate marketing communications with sales messaging prior to entering a new market. And, in rapidly changing markets, even timely mid-course corrections to marketing communications programs are difficult because of the tight coordination involved, resulting in lost sales for everyone," he continued.

"But now they can access this expertise, to everyone's benefit, while knowing that they're working with senior level executives at every position. Neither of our groups uses less talented juniors to fill in," Arturi concluded.

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BroadReach Partners is a professional services firm with over a decade of experience, specializing in creating and implementing successful business development programs that increase sales revenue and accelerate client acquisition.

BroadReach has been able to achieve consistent and positive results for well over 100 clients, across industries, based on its proprietary methodology and highly trained staff of business development professionals, who possess, on average, 20 -- 25 years of experience.

The company is uniquely qualified as a "best-of-breed" business development service provider because of its singular focus on sophisticated opportunity creation and qualification, with particular strengths in the consulting services, financial, insurance, outsourcing, pharmaceuticals, software and technology industries.

BroadReach takes a specialized approach to each client's needs, and assigns to each client a dedicated team, consisting of a Program Director, Business Development Specialists, and a Data Management Specialist. Weekly and monthly collaborative program dialogues include qualified new business opportunities developed; targeted actions to help win those opportunities, market and competitive intelligence uncovered; updated, cleansed or created new contacts for marketing programs; increased market awareness within the targeted prospect firms; and objections to be overcome.

Dustin Manocha, Business Development Director, can be reached at 203.921.4425 or To learn more, visit

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The Kullberg Consulting Group, founded in 1994, is a media neutral strategic alliance of sixty companies representing all disciplines of marketing and marketing communications who come together, as needed, to provide seamless, integrated strategic and executional solutions to a client’s business needs. Disciplines include:

• Advertising • Packaging/ Point-of-Purchase
• Brand/Corporate Identity • Public/Community Relations
• Direct Response • Sales Promotion
• Event Creation/Management • Sports Marketing
• Market Research • Web Development/Search Engine Optimization

Each KCG client receives high level day-to-day professional service from whatever discipline(s) is employed to address the task at hand. The combined backgrounds represented by these senior level professionals include experience with over 585 companies or organizations in 21 major industry groups.

Because of its unique structure, KCG has no vested interest in “selling” one discipline over another, nor are there any branch office overheads to support. As an added benefit, candor flourishes.

Recently, the company introduced Marketing Milestone, a service that develops and executes customized, meaningful and efficient marketing programs to help companies and brands profitably market their anniversaries.

Gary Kullberg, Chief Executive Officer, can be reached at 401.886.5001 or

171 Forge Road North Kingstown, RI 02852.1001Ph: 401.886.5001Fax: 401.886.5234
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